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Free drop in service for all students.


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 Current Hours and Location


Spring 2014

 Hours Open:

Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed for Easter holiday Friday 4/18 - Monday 4/21. Open Tuesday 4/22 at 9.


All hours are drop in. No appointment necessary.

In the library, first floor. Enter through the Printing and Copy Center.


 Drop In!

How to Use the Writing Center
Just walk in and sit down. If tutors are working with other students, they'll let you know how long you might wait. Some times are very busy, others not. Bring a paper from any class, at any stage of completion. Often it helps to talk over the assignment with a tutor before you begin. Or we might work with you on final touches to a nearly complete draft. The tutor will ask you where you're at with the paper, what most you'd like help with, when it's due, if anyone else has seen it, etc. In most cases, if you have a paper started, we will ask you to read it aloud to us (or let the tutor read it to you). And in most cases, we will start with larger issues such as organization and scope of topic, and work down to sentence-level correctness. It's also okay to come in with a quick question--How do I cite an interview in my APA paper? What goes on the title page?
Please note: we can print out your paper at no charge to you, or you can work off your laptop.
The Writing Center is free and meant for all students, including graduate students. Alums, faculty and staff are also welcome. Feel free to bring in resumes, application letters, and other non-school writing work, as well as college papers and presentations.

 Res Hall Tutors


Tutors live in every hall and work on call nights, weekends, and at your convenience. You can arrange to work with them by knocking on their doors or contacting them by e-mail.

Dominican Hall:


Greta Becker, 2nd floor,

 Wolly Wollinger, 1st floor


Stevie Hall:

 Emma Buttke, 2nd Floor,

Elly Goth, 3rd Floor,


Regina Hall:

 Aevalina Gwynne, 2nd Floor,

Carsyn Soderstrom, 3rd Floor,

Marshall Hall:

Becky Glover, 2nd floor,

Ella Scheffler, 2nd floo,


Res hall tutor supervisors:

Emily Ross,

Ella Scheffler,



Tutors have signs marking their doors. Your RA can also help you find your tutor.