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                  Personal Counseling Services





To schedule an appointment, please call (608) 663-2281 or stop into DeRicci 206.

Summer 2014 Office Hours 
Closed for the Summer.
Personal Counseling will start taking appointments on
August 27th, 2014.

Please be aware that there was a recent error in the Student Development Staff brochures. The credentials of the Personal Counseling staff should be listed as the following:


Megan Cobb, Ph.D., Director

Natalie Rusch, Ph.D., Mental Health Clinician


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Megan Cobb at

(608) 663-2281.







Talking to a counselor is a common experience for college students.  Counselors can offer assistance for issues ranging from dealing with parents or fitting in socially as well as other issues like depression or anxiety.  Seeking help with a counselor is a sign of strength and maturity rather than weakness or illness.  The experience can free your energies for school and for having fun.  If you have a persistent worry or concern, seeing a counselor is a good first step to getting through the issue.

Edgewood College's Personal Counseling Services is a place on campus where you can talk with someone confidentially about a concern.  You can talk to one of our experienced personal counselors about a range of issues to get perspective, to experience relief and healing, and to help in decision-making. We strive to offer a safe environment for people of all abilities, races, sexuality and gender identity, religious affiliation or economic status.
Short-term counseling is available for help with issues such as:
              • Relationship Difficulties
              • Family Concerns
              • Adapting to College Life
              • Self-esteem Issues
              • Decision-making
              • Depression
              • Stress Reduction
              • Anxiety
              • Panic
              • Body image, disordered eating patterns
              • Sexual Assault
              • Grief and Loss
              • Sexuality Identity
              • Alcohol & Drug Abuse


 Meet the Counselors!

Meet our Personal Counselors...

Megan Cobb, Ph.D.,
Director of Personal Counseling
Email:  Phone: 608-663-2344
Natalie Rusch, Ph.D.,
Mental Health Clinician

Email: Phone: 608-663-3383


 24 Hour Crisis Line:  608-280-2600
Domestic Abuse Intervention Services:  608-251-4445
Rape Crisis Center:  608-251-7273

 Bipolar Illness Video Series



The Facing Bipolar Video Series is divided into 10 topics.  Use the forward button to navigate to the topic you want.

Topics Included:

  1. What Is Bipolar Disorder
  2. Psychiatric Medication in Bipolar Disorder
  3. Use of Natural Supplements in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
  4. Denial and Resistance to the Diagnosis in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
  5. When Is Bipolar Hypomania More Than Simply Feeling Good  
  6. Substance Abuse and Bipolar Disorder
  7. Importance of Good Sleep for Those with Bipolar Disorder
  8. Importance of Healthy Life Structure for Those with Bipolar
  9. Importance of a Support Group in Treating Bipolar Disorder
  10. Looking for a Psychotherapist or Psychiatrist Who Treats Bipolar Disorder