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January 17
New Relax & Read books

book cover​Our Relax & Read collection includes these interesting new non-fiction selections.

When Gadgets Betray Us: The Dark Side Of Our Infatuation With New Technologies by Robert Vamosi. Essential guidelines for helping us protect our private information in a world where everything connects.

More: The Vanishing Of Scale In An Over-The-Top Nation by Ronald Bishop.
This explores the way triviality has become the priority of our media and how our culture drives us towards bigger and better.

book coverInside Apple: How America’s Most Admired And Secretive Company Really Works by Adam Lashinsky.
Reveals the structure and workings of the successful Apple management model.

Writing For The Web: Creating Compelling Web Content Using Words, Pictures And Sound by Lynda Felder. Provides practical ways of compiling narrative and graphics for effective web pages.


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