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Edgewood College Health Services welcomes to its learning community women and men of diverse backgrounds, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations.


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Health Services




Edgewood College Health Center Predolin 208 

Phone: 608.663.8334                                Fax 608.663.3394



Hours of Service
Monday 8a - 4p
Tuesday 8a - 4p (closed for lunch (12-1)
Wednesday 8a - 4p
Thursday 8a - 4p
Friday 8a - 4p (closed for lunch 11-1)


Nutritionist Available
Hours to come

The Edgewood College Health Services (208 Predolin), is staffed by a certified nurse practitioner.  The major goal of Health Services is to encourage a program of health promotion and disease prevention. 

Health Services provides:

    • Health assessments
    • Care for acute illness and injuries
    • Immunizations
    • Health counseling
    • Educational programming
    • Referrals as necessary
    • Prescription medication may be prescribed if it is clinically indicated
    • A Registered Dietitian for nutrition counseling for students, faculty and staff.  Dietician services may include counseling for weight management, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, eating disorders, and other nutrient related concerns.  Nutrition related workshops and classes are also available.  

Students are welcome to use Health Services as an informational resource in completing classroom assignments. 

NOTE:  All visits to the Health Center are strictly CONFIDENTIAL.  Information will not be shared without express written consent from the patient.


Click here for information about where you can get care when the Health Center is closed.

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 Health Services Staff

Maryanne Clark,
Director of Health Services

Kim Moreland, Nurse Practitioner
Autumn Kumlien, Nutritionist
Julie Snyder, Support Staff

 Cold and Flu Information

Student Health 101!