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Edgewood College
Dean of Students Office

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Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

​​​​​Located in Predolin 215
​​​​Phone: (608) 663-2212

Need to RSVP for December 2016 Commencement? Click HERE​.
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Vice President for Student Development / Dean of Students

Tony Chambers

215 Predolin, 663-2212​


Assistant to the Vice President for Student Development

​Missy Mael

215 Predolin, 663-2212​

Student Development Coordinator

​Marissa Blackmore

215 Predolin, 663-2212​

The Dean of Students Office assists students on their journey to greater growth and success. We work with students who have concerns and/or nonacademic grievances. We also work to connect students with the right resources. Even if all is going well – we want to hear from students who have ideas on ways to improve the student experience.